Install WordPress on Localhost

Do you want to become a WordPress developer? If yes, Here is the first step to start your WordPress development. Here are simple steps to install WordPress on localhost. Steps to install WordPress on xampp and wamp server are the same. If you already installed localhost (xampp and wamp server) on your PC or laptop, then follow the rest of the steps in the tutorial. 
Step 1: Download WordPress software from the WordPress website (download WordPress).

Step 2: Create folder (WordPress) in your localhost C://xampp/htdocs/. Then unzip downloaded WordPress files in the folder (WordPress) in localhost.

Step 3: Now start your localhost to run your WordPress using the following URL
http://localhost/wordpress/. It will show the following error because still you are not created a database for WordPress theme.

Step 4: To rectify this error go to your localhost database  http://localhost/phpmyadmin, Create a database for your WordPress

Step 4: Find wp-config-sample.php file in your localhost folder (C://xampp/htdocs/wordpress), and rename it like wp-config.php. Then edit wp-config.php to enter database name, username, password details. Finally, save it.

Step 5: now start your localhost using the following URL: http://localhost/wordpress/Now it opens with the following window where you need to enter the site name, user name, password, and email id, etc… Finally, press the install button on the left bottom of the page.

After installing WordPress you get the following response. Now you login into your sample site using the following user name and password you created.

now go to the following URL: http://localhost/wordpress/You will see your sample WordPress site

Now you have become a successful WordPress developer. Enjoy your journey in WordPress development.

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