By Kennedy Sakala - Information And Technology At Cavendish University Zambia.

Well, we can not be dogmatic as to what specific languages you must know but there are some that are almost a must. HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT and PHP; these should atleast be in your tool box for you are almost never running away from web development whether you're are Computer Scientists, Engineer or IT personnel.

Then there is C++, Java, python,C# and others like Ruby, kotlin and the like, these should also be in your tool box for there is a vast field of application for them.

There are many other languages but what dictates the language you need is the project you are working on. The technologies follow like wise based on the projects.

Frameworks are one of the important tools there is ,but they are not a language but a technology,  an easy way to implement certain functionality . And so its almost important you not only learn but understand the language they are built from.

It can be overwhelming to mention all the languages, technologies and all , much more to think of learning them each and everyone of them. Do not despair, all you need is to pick up one language. Learn and understand it . The ideas apply to almost all of them.  You will notice that mostly it's just the syntax and grammer that differs but the principle is the same.

For a start , HTML, CSS ,JAVASCRIPT then PHP in that order will be a great start. For those who have done pascal, C++ and Java, you will find JavaScript and PHP to be easy and you will love them.

Take one language at a time.
Have your reasons to learn the language.
And practice, practice, practice.

To check your knowledge of web development,  start by making your online portfolio.  Buy a domain name,and host it, then maintain it. It will help you have a more understanding.

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