The importance of branding for tech companies

What is Branding? 
Everything we know about every single product we use is because of branding. It’s the link between the company and customer.
Your tech company’s brand is not the name of the business; it’s not the logo; the tagline or your color scheme. All these things are important, but they do not form the brand itself.
Your brand is the fusion of all the characteristics, ideals, standards and values that your organization embodies. Your brand is the personality of your business, and, crucially, it’s the way in which your customers perceive this personality.
Your tech company’s brand is the way in which users experience your product and services at all levels. This extends from your customer service to your social media posts.

Why is Branding for Tech companies important?
Branding for technology companies is all about inserting humaneness into tech. This is because, unlike other industries, where there is constant human interaction, the tech industry often exists almost completely online. This makes tech companies decide to forgo traditional branding strategies in place of focusing on improving the technology they offer. The fast-changing pace of technology is such that, despite your solution being the best on the market today; tomorrow another company could, and probably will, deliver a product twice as good as yours. Having a strong brand is what is going to keep your customers using your product and give your business a chance of long-term success.
Good branding adds noticeable value to the technology solutions that a tech company is offering. It is the brand that customers stay loyal to; as it is highly unlikely your company is the only one offering a particular service/product.

Building your tech company’s Brand
Strong branding for tech companies is about creating an emotional link with customers. Figure out what the number one emotion that you want to evoke within your customers every time they engage with your brand (and that is to say, not just with your product, but when they read your blog, visit your website, phone customer services, retweet a tweet, or tell their friends about your company).
For example, when people think about Apple, they think quality and innovation. When they think about PayPal, they think convenience. For Google, its endless answers to their questions. Facebook, connecting people together.
What do people think when they see your brand? This emotion is what you have to try and build into your brand. Formulate a marketing strategy that bolsters this important brand message.
This will start with the company’s name, if you have to rename it to get your message across then so be it. The emotion should also be infused in the tagline and the company logo.
Once you have come up with the most suitable marketing strategy, then the real work begins. You will have to push your brand to your customers, emphasizing and re-emphasizing your key brand values across all your available platforms.
You will need to create emotionally engaging content (blogs, videos etc.), emotionally engaging social media messages. Every time an employee communicates with a customer, no matter what else is discussed, the core brand message must come across.
You Tech company may have the best software in the industry but without proper branding you will not reach the levels of success you aspire to.

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