How Does JavaScript Works

In this tutorial I am going to share one of the most inspired video on How Does JavaScript Works. Philip Roberts speech on How Does JavaScript Works in JsConf 2014 gives us really nice insights on how JavaScript really works inside the browser and JavaScript runtime environment.

Philip Roberts explains
What is JavaScript runtime environment(V8)?
what does JavaScript runtime environment consists?
what is Heap and Stack?
What is Web API?
What is Callback queue?
what is event loop?

Finally he explains how each of things will interact with each other. Also he gives nice insights about synchronous, Asynchronous Ajax call, set Timeout, blocking and non blocking views. Please go through the following video to get know each and everything about How Does JavaScript Works.

How Does JavaScript Works
Why JavaScript is single threaded programming language?
JavaScript is a single threaded programming language, single threaded Runtime, it has a single call stack. And it can do one thing at a time, that’s what a single thread means, the program can run one piece of code at a time.

One Thread == One Call Stack == One thing at a time
Here is the full transcript of his talk.

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