How to Add RSS Email Subscription Box To Website

Before continuing this tutorial please refer my previous tutorial on “how to link Google RSS feedburner to website” to improve website traffic. one of the nice way to make visitor to subscribe for blog updates is add RSS email subscription box to our website. Follow simple steps to add email subscription box to your website.

RSS email subscription box
step 1: Login into your Google feeburner account using Google account. Then click on your feed link you created before just like one shown in the below picture.

RSS feed burner home page

step 2: Find publicize button in the main menu and select it, then navigate to left sidebar and select Email subscription button.
Find publicize and Email subscription button and select it.
step 3: Now click on Activate button at the bottom to activate email subscription service, unless it is activated already.
Activate email subscription service using activate button
Step 4: Now copy the Subscription Form Code found in the page and paste the code in the sidebar widget of the blog or wordpress.
RSS email subscription form code
Step 4. Now paste the code on your blog widget or on your website here you what the subscription form to appear.

Step 5. See the live RSS email subscription box in my blog.
Live RSS email subscription box
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