Single use download

Single use download


This script was written to be a very easy way for non-programmers to be able to create a secure way to share a single file. It is ideal for bands looking to give a single song to a single person, and invalidating the link once the song has been downloaded. However, it will work for any type of file.


This script allows you to generate a unique link to download a file. This file will only be allowed to be downloaded one time. This link will also have also have an expiration date set on it.

For instance, if you wanted to sell a song for your band. You sold the song on your website for $1, you could use this script to allow that person to download your song only one time. It would only give them a limited number of hours/days/weeks/years to claim their download.

You can also mask the name of the file being downloaded, for further protection. For example, if your song was called "", you could set the download link as "" (it is not a good idea to leave spaces in URL titles)


On January 11, 2018 a multi-file feature branch was merged with the single file. It is now possible to download multiple files at once.


Git the code

Github repository

If you have problems using the script leave a comment i will be happy to help you

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